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MyKi Care Thermometer is a device which measures and continuously tracks body temperature. When put under the armpit, the MyKi Care Thermometer, by Bluetooth, sends information every 8 seconds about the measured temperature. To use the MyKi Care Thermometer, it is necessary to only install the MyKi Care mobile application from Google Play for Android or from the app store for iOS.

Intensively shake the MyKi Care Thermometer for 3 seconds. When the device turns on, you will see a blinking red light in the circle above the sensor for measuring temperature.

Switch on the MyKi Care Thermometer. Open the application MyKi Care. If this is your first use of this application, make a registration. If you already have a registration, slide the main screen left and choose “Add MyKi Care Thermometer”. Follow the instructions on the screen of the application.

Placing the MyKi Care Thermometer correctly is extremely important for the precise measure of body temperature. Follow the instructions carefully:

  1. The MyKi Care Thermometer is placed under the armpit.
  2. The sensor of the thermometer (small metal plate) should be touching the body.
  3. The dot, which lights up in red when the thermometer is shaken should be facing the shoulder.
  4. Attach the hypoallergenic sticker for sensitive skin on top of the thermometer, so that it covers its whole surface, and attach firmly to the skin.
  5. The sticker should be changed every 3 hours during the day and every 8 hours during the night.

You can watch a video tutorial at…. www.уoutube.com

The MyKi Care Thermometer measures temperature with a preciseness of 0.01 degrees.

Every time you place the thermometer, it needs 15 minutes primarily to measure the exact body temperature. Afterwards, the MyKi Care Thermometer measures and takes into account the changes immediately.

To set an alarm, slide right the main screen of the application. Multiple types of alarms can be set, which you would receive as notifications on your mobile device:

The distance between the MyKi Care Thermometer and your phone should be up to 10 meters. The distance is dependant on the age and weight of the child. When used on a younger child, the distance can be higher, however for older users, the range can decrease to 2 meters. To receive information from the MyKi Care Thermometer independent of your location and with no limit in distance, use MyKi Care BT.

The application MyKi Care allows your to create an unlimited number of profiles, containing basic information about the child that is having its temperature measured. Slide the main screen of the application left and choose the option ‘’Add child’’.

The application MyKi Care allows the simultaneous measure of temperature of two or more children or adults. The number of users should be the same as the number of MyKi Care Thermometers. Add the profiles by using the instructions stated in “How to use the MyKi Care Thermometer for more than 1 child”. Choose which thermometer will correspond to which user and you can switch on and use all devices simultaniously.

There is no limit to the number of devices which can receive information from MyKi Care Thermometer. All phones should use the same account for MyKi Care in which the thermometer is registered.

The information of measured temperature is saved for up to 1 year. To see the measurements taken, choose the icon representing a calendar on the main page of the application, and then choose the desired date.

The MyKi Care application allows you to send information for the taken measures by email, messenger or other applications. Choose the desired period and press the button for sharing at the right of the main screen of the application.

The MyKi Care Thermometer uses Low Energy Bluetooth technology to transfer data about the measured body temperature. The innovative method applied to MyKi Care Thermometer allows for the radio waves to not be transmitted constantly during the temperature measuring process. Once in 8 seconds, the MyKi Care Thermometer transmits a much weaker signal than a mobile phone for the duration of 200 milliseconds. Due to this, MyKi Care Thermometer has a much smaller influence on the body than your Wi-Fi router at home or mobile phones, despite the fact that they are placed further away from you. The measured maximal index of transmissions SAR is 0.63 W/kg in the period of 200 milliseconds in every 8 seconds, or on average 0.007875 W/kg. The safe limit value is 2.0 W/kg for Europe and 1.6W for US.

After you do not need to use the MyKi Care Thermometer anymore, remove it from the armpit and it will switch off automatically in 5 minutes.

MyKi Care Thermometer uses a CR2025 battery. With one battery, it can work for approximately 24 hours a day for 60 days. To change the battery, put the MyKi Care Thermometer between the palms of your hands and twist. Carefully remove the used battery and replace with a new one. Close the MyKi Care Thermometer in the same way as it was opened.

MyKi Care Thermometer is waterproof. It is constructed to withstand body moisture and can be washed, however MyKi Care Thermometer is not watertight. It cannot withstand continuous exposure to water. In case this occurs, do not use the MyKi Care Thermometer anymore.

Dip a soft towel or cotton in disinfectant or warm water. Clean the MyKi Care Thermometer carefully.

The MyKi Care Thermometer is constructed from certified hypoallergenic materials, which do not cause any side reactions. The main corpus is made of medical plastic, and the metal sensor is produced from medical steel. In case of an unwanted reaction, you can request a change of MyKi Care Thermometer with the MyKi Care Thermometer Gold edition, on which the metal sensor is gold-plated.

MyKi Care BT is a Bluetooth/Wi-Fi donegal, which can receive information from the MyKi Care Thermometer and send it to your home Wi-Fi network. Without MyKi Care BT, your mobile phone should be placed in the same room, at no more than 5 meters from the thermometer, during which you will not be able to use your device.

MyKi Care BT solves this problem. When placed in the same room as the thermometer, it receives infromation and transmits it to your home Wi-Fi network or mobile phone, no matter where you are located around the world. Independent of which room in the house you are in, at work or travelling, you can receive up-to date information for the measured temperature, thanks to MyKi Care BT.

Switch on MyKi Care BT in a USB port device and in a wall socket. If this is the first time you are using the application, please make a registration. If you already have an active registration, slide the main screen left and choose “Add MyKi Care BT”. Follow the instructions on the screen.

Switch on MyKi Care BT in a USB port device and in a wall socket. Turn on and place the MyKi Care Thermometer. If everything works successfully, MyKi Care BT will light up in green. In case the light is orange, check if the thermometer is working. If the thermometer is switched on and working, move MyKi Care BT closer to the thermometer.

If you have changed the name or password of the Wi-Fi network at home, during switch on, MyKi Care BT will light up in red. To set it correctly, press and hold the MyKi Care BT button for 5 seconds. After a bit, MyKi Care BT will light up in blue. Open the application and choose “Add MyKi Care BT”. Follow the instructions.

When you connect MyKi Care BT to a USB port device, it will show the momentary condition through a light indication.

Blue light- setting. You can set MyKi Care BT through the application.

Red light- MyKi Care BT does not have a connection with your Wi-Fi network.

Orange light- The thermometer is outside of the MyKi Care BT range.

Green light- Everything is working properly.

The stickers which are in the MyKi Care set are hypoallergenic, specified for sensitive skin. However, it is possible for some small particles to be left on the skin or for it to be slightly red after the removal of the thermometer. You can clean the skin with a damp towel, dipped in lukewarm water or alcohol. Any skin redness due to the removal of the sticker will disappear after a few minutes.